The 3 Sacred Steps to Healing Yourself

By Jafree Ozwald

“Turn within and you will become free and liberated, because it’s all a dream.”  ~Robert Adams

When we are healed it is easier to manifest what we want.  There is less resistance to life, less fear, less ambition and things just naturally come our way. When we invest time to find deep mental, emotional and physical healing, we find that a higher spiritual understanding soon follows.  The simple intention to have deep peace with our past can lead to such a liberating transcendental experience.

When you’re 100% at peace with your past you’ve just liberated the tight confining restraints the struggling ego has on you and your life. It’s tricky to see, yet the ego is always in charge here, especially when you think you are!  Yet, when you surrender to walking this healing path bathing in daily forgiveness, the ego has to give in and recognize that you’re connected to an infinite abundant loving God-Source already.  Below are 3 essential steps that will take you deeper on your trek towards the self-healing process…enjoy!

The First Step to healing you is recognizing where and when you initially created the wound.  You don’t have to know exactly the time, place or date, just the general feeling will do. Yet, you will want to take at least 2-3 hours alone to look deep deep inside yourself, exploring where you’re still holding onto past pain. During this time start to own the fact that you created this pain, and you are 100% responsible for its manifestation.  Even though it may appear you’re “The Victim” in your personal circumstance, don’t go down that path. To fully heal you must drop all disempowered beliefs. This means that you’re accepted that it was “a role” you chose to play on stage at that time in your life. This enabled the wound and trauma to occur, and thus inadvertently later would empower you to play the opposing role of the healer who transcended it.

The Second Step to healing you is sitting with your pain, relaxing into the very core trauma inside it let it have a voice.  Your pain has a wonderful story to tell. Let it speak from the pain without buying into its victim game and story.  Do this out loud and journal it if possible. To experience a full healing, you must go through hell to find heaven. You must sit still in the fire of that emotional pain you keep having to be freed from it.  Remember that this fire is a cleansing fire, that burns away the ego that is ruining your life and creating all sorts of extra unnecessary suffering.  Sit in the fire, let your ego burn away into nothing.  Release your identification with the angry victim held in those past memories.  Those thoughts are only creating an emotional daily turmoil inside that you cannot escape from.  So decide to face it and meet this energy head on!  You will feel soooo much better tomorrow…waking up naturally knowing you faced and embraced your greatest demon.

The Third Step to healing you is creating a new healthy pattern and belief system that supports a more empowered way of living in this world.  Your beliefs about life are very powerful, and manifest into the thoughts you think and the words you speak.  When you can understand, know and believe that you are an extremely powerful being who can heal yourself simply by making the continuous choice to do so, the miracle of healing will happen.  You are pure conscious awareness which nothing can stick to.  You are like Teflon, which can transcend all suffering letting it glide right off.  Play with this empowered enlightening state daily and you’ll accomplish the great feat of true inner peace.  You won’t ever think of complaining about anything or blaming others for your problems again.  That action would just make the outer world more powerful than your inner world.  Instead you’ll choose to abide in the knowingness that at your very core, you are The Source of Love itself.  There is no energy more healing than love. Know this and you’ll stop being so harsh, sarcastic, and rushed about everything.  You’ll stop believing in the lie that you created and recognize how extremely sensitive, sacred and lovable you actually are.

Perhaps the greatest hidden issue to reveal on this journey is that your wound is your story. When you are soooo wrapped up in the habit of believing in your personal (yet very validated) victim story that you would rather hold onto it than forgive, take this as the ultimate warning sign.  Remember, it’s extremely terrifying for the ego to let go of its story.  It would rather die than retreat.  Holding onto the past really means survival for the ego.  Letting go means to stop playing a certifiable victim-blame game and be BIG again.  Letting go of the little wounded “me” means releasing all attachment to your ego’s expectations, demands, and desires.  You’re instead choosing to come from a state of trust and surrender, sharing with others the unlimited creative loving nature you truly are.

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Resistance or Flow? Pick One.

Behind our good intentions to manage our lives is the subtle yet debilitating belief in powerlessness – we must wrestle what we what in order to make ourselves safe and happy. We battle against life and then wonder why it’s such a struggle! As Carl Jung observed, ‘whatever we resist persists’.

Flow comes from non-resistance – a still mind from letting all things be exactly as they are. Life delights to set us free from our fearful illusions of separation and powerlessness. When we step back and let our intuition guide us, instead of being hostage to the egos limited thought system, we are choosing to call life friend – and that is what it becomes to us.

What’s a life driven entirely by goals? It’s the systematic pursuit of what we think we want and the belief that we will not receive, or are not worthy to receive unless we strive hard to get it. We are meant to follow a modus operandi of good judgement, goal setting and effort. Highly reliant on intellect, thinking and believing. It involves planning, organising and managing events. Techniques, methodology & accumulating knowledge are tools of our choice. Discipline is required to stay focused and filter out whatever doesn’t serve our goals. It permits Scarcity thinking – if I give to you, then you have more and I have less. Also this mode of Life requires choosing between trade-offs and multiple competing goals whilst trying to keep a sense of balance between work, play, community, family, friends, etc. Rewards are in the future, fleeting and transitory.

What’s a life driven by free will? Its having a single purpose of allowing our true Self to shine through. The Driving force: the Love within – the expression of what stirs the soul. It is trust that in exercising our true Will we share the same purpose as the universal life force; and so all of life turns to support us. It follows a modus operandi of intuition, allowing and effortlessness. Trusting and listening to our innate intuitive knowing and allowing all things to serve us. It allows room for Quantum thinking – ‘the more I allow to flow through me the more there is to flow’. The purpose of free will is to let our Divine Spark shine in everything we do, knowing that in doing this our ‘unique role’ and the ‘work we were meant to do’ finds us. It requires nothing more than relaxing and enjoying the perfect synchronicity and support of everyone & everything in our lives when we choose our one life affirming purpose. Rewards are immediate, cumulative and permanent.

When we allow the Love within us to nourish us and shine upon our world then everything in the world reflects that Love back. As an effect it can do no other. No-one and no-thing is missing that we need, no-one meets by chance and we can’t help but be in the right place at the right time.

Career Centered vs Life Centered

I was, very blindly, career and ‘huge’ company centered. What do you do? I work for so and so ‘company’. There, that should give everyone an idea of what an important person i am. My sense of self and identity was achieved by belonging to the particular organization, and that made me self-important. Also, in the past, i have felt that nothing beats advancement and moving up the career ladder in a huge organization. If I can’t express my own values through my work, it’s OK, as long as I achieve promotion or financial success. Pathetic.

I was running this hamster wheel happily unaware of life and a sense of purpose catching up with me. Gradually i got up every day, less happy, less sure, not knowing what the issue was. A sense of dread filled me every morning as i prepared to go to work. I no longer enjoyed working for a huge organization. My misery led me to a point where i could no longer think of another working day without puking. What’s wrong with me! My family was utterly taken aback when i told them of my decision to quit ‘the organization’.

Enter ‘LIFE’. The search for the meaning of my misery led me to Self and Life centered concepts. I learnt an important lesson that first of all, I am in charge of my career. I should navigate my own career based on my personal priorities and needs, not my employer’s priorities and other pressures. When I make a decision about my career, I should consider my personal beliefs and values and how it affects my family’s priorities. In order to feel successful in my career, I must have other outlets for expression of my personal interests and talents.

Now i think an ideal occupation would be one that is independent and self-directed. Continuous personal development is more important than external career rewards such as promotions and income. Thus i have come to learn that an empty career centered life leads you to doldrums whereas a Life Centered career takes you places!

Journey outside is a Journey Inside


What is so exotic about seeing the Dolomites above Rifugio Firenze, Skiing in La Thuile, Paragliding above the Alpe Di Siusi, Hiking at the feet of the Mont Blanc, Walking on top of the Wild White Cliffs of Eastbourne or taking a bike ride around Luca in Tuscany? Is it the adrenaline rush of experiencing a new place or is it to prove something to yourself or is it the joy of having a helluva story to narrate to folks back home? Travelling is such a roller coaster depending on the perception of each individual.

“We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next to find ourselves”-Pico Iyer

It a sense of freedom when a traveller leaves the known and embarks on the exploration of the unknown. For the first time visitors to a place, it is rather the myriad changes inside making them one notch wiser, when they witness the awe of what they have never seen, the opportunity to do what they have never done and feel what they have never felt before. Repeat travellers, for example, take cycling enthusiasts who search for different terrains to ride their bikes over. For them i think that it is the subtle difference of the terrain that kicks the adrenaline in. Para gliders, Bungee jumpers everyone looks for that subtle difference in their reiterating experience that makes each time unique.

Everybody has a thirst to experience the other side of the river, the moon shining on the opposite side of the continent or to see how differently other people lead their lives.

So what drives you to want to see the rest of the world?



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The Search for Purpose of Life

At some point or the other in life everybody tends to ponder why are we indeed here. For some, every day goes by trying to figure out the meaning. Some others believe that we are the purpose just as we are, nothing more.

If the entire world were one huge machine, and everything inside it is a well-oiled piece designed to facilitate the overall functioning of the machine, then everything, including the nuts and bolts in it serve a particular purpose. Everything has a purpose. Each of us earthlings are somehow part of the grander scheme of things, on this living breathing earth.

I think every man is naturally born with certain skills that he can make use of and contribute. Only by contribution from his natural talents does he find true satisfaction and feels that he has done what he was sent here to do.

Every generation produces knowledge that pushes the humanity forward by leaps. Mankind has thus come a long way since origin. The ultimate collective goal here is to make the world a better place. Choose how you want to make it better, and there you have found your Life Purpose!

Master of your Reality


Your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, filter the way you interpret the world around you and in turn creates your reality. These are some of the most common unhelpful ways of thinking filters that distort your reality.

Maybe you are trying to lose weight, but cave into the temptation of a doughnut. You conclude that your plan is in ruins and eat the remaining eleven doughnuts from the pack. This everything or nothing attitude may completely collapse your plan. Instead think in degrees and not extremes. One doughnut doesn’t ruin your diet. Remind yourself of your goal, excuse yourself for the trivial skid and resume your diet.

Next scene, You’ve been feeling a bit low lately and someone invites you to a party. You decline, feeling that you won’t have a good time, the food inedible, music boisterous and other guests are certain to find you boring. So you choose to stay in and lament the state of your social life. Fortune telling stops you from taking proper action. Put the dust cover back on the crystal ball and leave the tarot cards to experts.

So you think, you know what people are thinking about you, do you? You boss advises you to take up that vacation and use some time off. You decide that he is thinking that your work is rubbish and is going to interview a replacement while you are on leave. Take control of your tendency to mind read because you may never know the real reason of what the other person is thinking. Give room to consider that your guesses might be wrong and take a look at the evidence in hand.

Next, you think that everything revolves around you and interpret events personally overlooking other factors. For example, your friend is upset. You start thinking that if you were really a good friend you would be able to cheer him up, but obviously you are letting him down. You assume personal responsibility for everything. Despite your best efforts, some factors are indeed outside your control. So remove yourself from the centre of the universe and  stand at a vantage point where you get a bird’s eye view of the entire situation.

These are some thinking errors everyone makes from time to time, which alter the reality and leads one to jump to conclusions and assume the worst. Everyone has the ability to step back and set themselves right.


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Automatons and the Rat Race

Look around you. Don’t tell me you can’t find at least one automaton. I mean the kind that arrives in the morning with a not so good disposition, programmed to believe that today is the most important day involving the most important business strategies and the world may end if they don’t act upon it. As the day moves on, still maintaining a robotic stiff demeanour, lined up with fellow suits around the conference table, discussing the future of the said business strategies, meeting up future clients, struggling to retain the current clients, attend numerous calls about the status of the ongoing work, push behind co-workers and try to excel them, struggle with the best performance mode vs. exhaustion mode in front of superiors, all in all trying to keep abreast of the small regional rat race that has become life in every sphere of establishment.

What are you trying to achieve finally? Power. Power over your peers. They must lose in order for you to win. Then you win the rat race for money and ultimately more power. Then you have extreme power over them. Or so you think. True power comes not in getting ahead of others but in excelling our own limits without any loss to others. This is the kind of power that stays with you for long. Others respect you and help you grow when you empower them. Now it becomes a win win situation.

“You are learning too much, remembering too much, trying too hard. Relax and stop directing the river’s flow” – Mooji.

Stop following the other rats in this race. Stop to smell the flowers, revel in a child’s smile, look up and see the sun shine gloriously. We are indeed a small peck on the earth that keeps moving around in the galaxy of innumerable stars and asteroids. That’s what we are!