Career Centered vs Life Centered

I was, very blindly, career and ‘huge’ company centered. What do you do? I work for so and so ‘company’. There, that should give everyone an idea of what an important person i am. My sense of self and identity was achieved by belonging to the particular organization, and that made me self-important. Also, in the past, i have felt that nothing beats advancement and moving up the career ladder in a huge organization. If I can’t express my own values through my work, it’s OK, as long as I achieve promotion or financial success. Pathetic.

I was running this hamster wheel happily unaware of life and a sense of purpose catching up with me. Gradually i got up every day, less happy, less sure, not knowing what the issue was. A sense of dread filled me every morning as i prepared to go to work. I no longer enjoyed working for a huge organization. My misery led me to a point where i could no longer think of another working day without puking. What’s wrong with me! My family was utterly taken aback when i told them of my decision to quit ‘the organization’.

Enter ‘LIFE’. The search for the meaning of my misery led me to Self and Life centered concepts. I learnt an important lesson that first of all, I am in charge of my career. I should navigate my own career based on my personal priorities and needs, not my employer’s priorities and other pressures. When I make a decision about my career, I should consider my personal beliefs and values and how it affects my family’s priorities. In order to feel successful in my career, I must have other outlets for expression of my personal interests and talents.

Now i think an ideal occupation would be one that is independent and self-directed. Continuous personal development is more important than external career rewards such as promotions and income. Thus i have come to learn that an empty career centered life leads you to doldrums whereas a Life Centered career takes you places!

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